English Journal Entries

All journals need to have the date and be at least 1 paragraph. You do not need to write the prompt. These prompts primarily are meant to stimulate your creative juices, feel free to embellish, create or reminiscence.

1/13 It couldn’t have been a worse day…it was Friday the 13th…

1/17 Free Write

1/18 Write about 2-3 things on your bucket list

1/19 Do you like the rain? Why?

1/20 Free Write

1/23 Free Write

1/24 What is the meaning of life?

1/25-/127 no journal

1/30 no journal

1/31 What will you do to change the world?

2/1 I’m beginning to regret…

2/2, 2/3 & 2/6 no journal

2/7 Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

2/8 It had been raining for a month straight. But when I came home that day it was raining in my house…

2/9 no journal

2/10 For my next trick…

2/13 no journal

2/14 It happened again, only this time…

2/15 Free Write

2/16 To Whom It May Concern: