English Journal Entries

All journals need to have the date and be at least 1 paragraph. You do not need to write the prompt. These prompts primarily are meant to stimulate your creative juices, feel free to embellish, create or reminiscence.

1/13 It couldn’t have been a worse day…it was Friday the 13th…

1/17 Free Write

1/18 Write about 2-3 things on your bucket list

1/19 Do you like the rain? Why?

1/20 Free Write

1/23 Free Write

1/24 What is the meaning of life?

1/25-/127 no journal

1/30 no journal

1/31 What will you do to change the world?

2/1 I’m beginning to regret…

2/2, 2/3 & 2/6 no journal

2/7 Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

2/8 It had been raining for a month straight. But when I came home that day it was raining in my house…

2/9 no journal

2/10 For my next trick…

2/13 no journal

2/14 It happened again, only this time…

2/15 Free Write

2/16 To Whom It May Concern:

2/21 I just can’t believe this is happening….

2/22 Walking home you suddenly  see a rhino running down the street…

2/23 I just can’t get this song out of my head…

2/24 Free Write

2/27-3/9 No Journals

3/10 Write a story with words that rhyme with duck (must be appropriate)

3/13 Wait, you use to be a circus performer?!

3/14 How did you end up on the rood of city hall in your pajamas?

3/15 If you could go back in time, what time period would you go to and why?

3/16 It was just so creepy, like tales of the Body Snatchers…

3/17 Free Write

3/20 Per 1-3 no journal. Per 5: Reflect on Friday’s activity. What did you think about it? What were some things you learned?

3/21 Per 1-3: Reflect on yesterday’s activity. What did you think about it? What were some things you learned? Per 5: Free Write

3/22 Write about a long fraught journey in a car

3/23 As you wandered around the boring antique store waiting for you mom you suddenly saw…

3/24 What are you doing over the break?

4/3 How was your break?

4/4 What is the subject you’re avoiding? Write about it

4/5 A long lost relative just died and you inherited his/her monkey

4/6 Free Write

4/7 April showers bring new…

4/10 The most important issue the world/nation needs to confront is…

4/11 Now you see me, now you…

4/12 I couldn’t believe it, the headline of the newspaper read…

4/13 My neighbor’s pet is illegal. I just know you can’t have a ________  because….

4/14 no journal

4/17 A Scientist recently discovered________________.  His/her name is_____________ and his/her discovery intrigues me…

4/18 no journal

4/19 no journal

4/20 I’m lost

4/21 An alien from outer space has landed on earth. What would you tell them about the world/nation?

4/24 I came, I saw, I…

4/25 Free Write

4/26 & 4/27 Write your own appropriate pledge of allegiance

4/28 If you are stranded on an alien planet, what three things would you wish you had?

5/1 Try to imagine, you just can’t have a ______________ for a pet…

5/2 I challenge you to a …

5/3 Free Write

5/4 If you could have any famous vehicle from movies or TV which one would you want?

5/5 Why would she/he think to ride a camel to school?

5/8 Free Write

5/9 no journal

5/10 & 5/11: It was a flash flood of epic proportions

5/12 Write a paragraph with these words: mother nature, cousin, goat, jedi, legal

5/15 & 5/16 Write about a futuristic world

5/17 You’re lost in the woods

5/18 & 5/19 no journal

5/22- 6/14 no more journals