English & World History Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 2/15

Students worked on creating a propaganda poster on a topic that relates to Universal Love. The poster is due tomorrow. Students also received the Current Event assignment, which is due Tuesday 2/21

Propaganda Poster: Universal Love

  • Create a propaganda poster promoting your chosen issue
  • The poster must include the following:
    • A catchy slogan on your issue
    • Why the issue is important
    • 2 or more statistic/evidence to support your issue
    • Images that promote your issue
    • How you propose to solve the issue
    • Cite your sources on the back
    • Wikipedia is NOT a valid source
English & World History Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 2/14

Happy Valentine’s Day! Students read and took notes on different stories or literature pieces from the textbook.

  • Hamadi pg 224
  • Rosa parks pg 276
  • Marigolds pg 411
  • The Future in My Arms pg 459
  • I have a Dream Speech pg 460
  • Testimony Before the Senate pg 613

Students read their assigned story as a group at their table. They took notes on the following: examples of different types of love, examples of universal love.

When they finished their story they discussed the story as a group and took note on:

  • Overall message/theme
  • How does it relate to today’s world
  • What did it show you about the importance of universal love