English & World History Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 2/6

For those classes that did not finish Mean Girls, we finished the movie today. Then we discussed the Identify a Narcissist Essay. Students had the rest of the period to begin researching their chosen person.This essay is due Friday 2/10

Identify a Narcissist Essay

We have been talking at length about narcissism and it’s easy to see around us. Now, we will be looking for a prime example of narcissism. In a 5 paragraph essay, identify a person who you believe is extremely narcissistic. Consider how they behave, how they appear, and different ways they make their environment center on them. This person can be a celebrity, a person you know, fictional or nonfictional, alive or dead. Support your thesis with reasons/claims. Support your reasons/claims with evidence.  You should have at least 2-3 pieces of evidence in each paragraph. Your essay will be MLA formatted DON’T FORGET TO CITE YOUR SOURCES! Remember, narcissism isn’t just about appearance and selfies!