English & World History Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 2/2 & 2/3

Students began watching Mean Girls. Students recorded on a graphic organizer phrases, or scenes that highlighted self-love and narcissism.

Graphic Organizer on Mean Girls

Students also were tasked with finding a nonfiction book by Tues. This book can be a biography, memoir, etc.

English & World History Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 2/1

Students annotated, read and discussed at their table groups My Selfie, My Self article. Student also answered questions related tot he reading. We then came back together as a class and discussed our findings. Students were given an analytical paragraph prompt for homework.


Analytical Paragraph (Selfies)

Writing essays often means writing about topics that are not your strength or interests. One such topic might be selfies. Whether or not you take selfies, they exist and people have their reasons for doing them. Write an introduction to an essay arguing whether selfies are a good practice or a bad one. Provide evidence and support. You may use others’ opinions/sources like Jaime, Howard, Jessica or Amy from the article, “Why We Take Selfies” by R. Kay Green or the My Selfie, My Self by Jenna Wortham. Include a hook that introduces the topic, a thesis, and two reasons that support your thesis.