English & World History Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 1/31

Students read, took notes and discussed as a class two articles: The Narcissism Debate: Is it Selfish to Love Yourself? & Why We Take Selfies.

Homework:To be stamped tomorrow

1 page Reflection: Narcissism vs. Self Love

After reading the two articles what are your thoughts on narcissism and self love? Is narcissism and self love different or similar? How? How do you feel about selfies as a measure of empowerment, or a tool of narcissism? Take stock of your own feelings of self love and the social media tools you use to promote yourself. Do you use social media as a narcissistic tool or as a way to empower yourself and your self-love?

English & World History Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 1/30

One of the counselors visited the class today to go over articulation for the 2017-2018 school year. Students can register for their 10th grade classes on the powerschool portal. The portal is open all week and closes at midnight on Super Bowl Sunday Feb 5. Students will meet with their counselors on Feb 9 to finalize their schedule. Please discuss with your student their options for classes next year.

English & World History Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 1/25, 1/26, & 1/27

It’s finals day. Students have already completed their final, the Mice and Men Literary Analysis Essay. Students will watch the 1992 film, Of Mice and Men. Students will write a 1 page response to the film, comparing and contrasting it with the book as homework. Students should check powerschool in the next few days as essays and the Xmas extra credit will be entered for all periods no later than Friday. Students should come see me at lunch this week if there are any discrepancies or errors in their grades. Grades will be submitted Monday morning.


  • 1 page Reflection:
    • After watching the film Of Mice and Men, compare and contrast the movie with the novel
    • Is the movie an accurate depiction of the novel? Why or why not?
    • Which do you prefer, book or movie?
English & World History Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 1/24

Students listened to a podcast, Myths and Legends, Episode 52: Eternal Flame about the myth of Narcissis and Echo. Students took a quiz on the podcast. We then discussed the differences between narcissism and self-actualization.


1.5-page reflection:

  • First, define narcissism and self-actualization in a paragraph.
  • Then, write what are the similarities and differences between narcissism and self-actualization?
  • Finally, consider how these two abstract ideas influence your life.
    • Consider what your recent problems/troubles/drama in your life are. How do you handle these issues? With maturity? Direct communication. Manipulation? Passive-aggression?
English & World History Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 1/20

Students turned in their essays and returned their books to the library. We then began discussing our new unit: Faces of Love. We did a brainstorm on “What is Love?” Then students began reading an article in groups. Students will finish annotating and taking notes on the article for homework, as well as respond to a 1 page reflection.


  • Complete cover page for new unit: Faces of Love
  • Finish reading, annotating and taking notes on the article 5 Theories of Love
  • Complete 1 page Reflection