Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 2/15

Students worked on creating a propaganda poster on a topic that relates to Universal Love. The poster is due tomorrow. Students also received the Current Event assignment, which is due Tuesday 2/21

Propaganda Poster: Universal Love

  • Create a propaganda poster promoting your chosen issue
  • The poster must include the following:
    • A catchy slogan on your issue
    • Why the issue is important
    • 2 or more statistic/evidence to support your issue
    • Images that promote your issue
    • How you propose to solve the issue
    • Cite your sources on the back
    • Wikipedia is NOT a valid source
Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 2/14

Happy Valentine’s Day! Students read and took notes on different stories or literature pieces from the textbook.

  • Hamadi pg 224
  • Rosa parks pg 276
  • Marigolds pg 411
  • The Future in My Arms pg 459
  • I have a Dream Speech pg 460
  • Testimony Before the Senate pg 613

Students read their assigned story as a group at their table. They took notes on the following: examples of different types of love, examples of universal love.

When they finished their story they discussed the story as a group and took note on:

  • Overall message/theme
  • How does it relate to today’s world
  • What did it show you about the importance of universal love


Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 2/13

Students had a graded discussion on the barriers of family life.


  • Students will be tracking their screen time for the next seven days. Students should record on their worksheet screen time used during free time. Screen Time Tracker
  • Students also have a 1 page reflection due tomorrow: 

    1 page Familial Love in Modern Society

    There are many portrayals of family love on television these days, from Keeping up with the Kardashians to Blackish and everything in between. Choose a TV Show that is current from the last 5 years and that you feel most accurately portrays family love in modern society. Watch an episode of that show and answer the following prompt. Please cite the Show, the Episode number and title and the season in your response.

    • How does your show best exemplify modern family love and the struggles of a modern family? How does the show accurately depict modern family love? How does the show mirror in some ways your family dynamic and familial love?
Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 2/10

We read a series of poem and essays from the textbook that discusses familial love. The first was The Woman and Flower on pg 442. The second poem, My Father’s Song on pg 272. Finally we began discussing barriers to family life, particularly with regards to the television. We read, Primal Screen on pg 640.


Students will research 2 or more arguments from reliable sources either for or against television as a barrier to family life. Students will print out and annotate the articles OR take notes on the articles and bring those to class. We will be having a graded discussion on Monday on whether screen time is a barrier to family life.


Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 2/8

Students began reading a short story, The Scarlet Ibis on pg 428 of the textbook. As we read we looked at examples of literary devices, symbols and the various types of love within the story.


Students finish reading the short story and recording in their notebooks

“Love Examples”              Literary Devices               Symbols & Meanings