Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 5/31

Today was our Skype call with Congressman Scott Peters. Although we did experience some technical difficulties the students were able to ask some great questions about climate change, healthcare and education to Rep. Scott Peters. This was a great opportunity, and I am so glad the students were able to experience this in a way that really highlights their voices matter to our government.


Daily Agenda

Daily Activity 5/22- 6/5

Students were given their Final Project. Students will have the remainder of class time to work on the project. The project has two parts, Part 1 a 5-paragraph reflection essay  on what they have learned over the course of the year is due 5/30. Part 2 is a presentation on a topic they wish to expand their knowledge on. Those presentations will begin on June 5.

The final notebook check will be for Per 1,3,5 on Wed 5/24 and for Per 2 Thur 5/26

*Please note I will be out of town this weekend (Memorial day weekend) for a family event and will not be answering emails over the 4 day weekend.